The Church of Christ at La Prada Drive in Mesquite, Texas has been meeting together for over 170 years.  The congregation was first formed in 1845 in Long Creek, east of Mesquite, and was named the Bethany Church of Christ. 


They met at this location until 1871 when members moved to the Dallas area and met in their homes until 1888 when land was purchased and the Dallas Church of Christ was formed.  The building was located at the intersection of Dallas and Armstrong Street, south of Fair Park.  Eventually the name of the street where the building was located was changed to Fitzhugh Avenue and the congregation would be renamed the Fitzhugh Avenue Church of Christ.

The congregation met at this location until 1954, when property was purchased on Bruton Road in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas.  That same year a red brick building was constructed and the congregation moved.  They met at this location for over 25 years.


In 1978, as the leaders of the congregation began to look at where members lived and the need for a new facility became apparent, land was purchased at the intersection of La Prada and Galloway in Mesquite.  Before construction at the new facility was completed, the building on Bruton Road sold and the congregation met in a local elementary school.  Once construction was finished, the congregation moved into the current facility and the congregation was renamed the La Prada Drive Church of Christ.

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